The Chacer App Communication is a snap

Your day just got easier

Easy to Use

The Chacer App is built with ease of use in mind.  The thoughtful design displays what you need at all times.

Intelligent Communication

Know when you are needed and where.  Visible and audible alerts to let you know.  Take advantage of customizing alerts for easy recognition.

No Questions Asked

Who needed me first?  How long have they been waiting?  These questions are easily answered with a glance at The Chacer App.

Designed for dental offices

A smoother office means more patient time

Customizable Buttons

Buttons can be set up per room, person or even daily events. Customize the buttons to fit the needs of your practice.

Distinctive Display

When you are needed, you will visibly see your color appear on the screen as well as hear your preset tone, helping you to avoid interruptions.

Emergency Button

Use the button to get all available hands on deck! Quickly tend to emergency situations.

The Chacer App will work in your office.

Built Cross-Platform for all devices.

Whether you prefer Android or iOS or you want to use your existing computers, we have you covered.  The Chacer App will work on all of the latest platforms.

Sync your office & enhance your process

More time, more patients, better productivity

The cost of having assistants constantly trying to find you is high.  Using The Chacer App, all of your team can receive their alerts and know where they need to be.

– Front desk can alert when a patient arrives
– Hygienist can alert when they are ready for the doctor
– Doctors can alert when they need an assistant

Streamline your process without interrupting your patient time.

The Chacer App
per month
Price covers the licensing and use of The Chacer App on two tablets.

What do our current users say

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The Chacer App is the brain of traffic control in our office, helps in efficient planning of patient care.
Rhonda ShervingtonInsurance Specialist
The Chacer App allows me to alert any team member of where I am and what I need without leaving the room, costing valuable patient care and chair time.
Jennifer Chace, DMD, FAGD, LVIFDentist
The Chacer App helps me plan out my time spent with patients.  I can see when the doctors will be available.
Kristi OwensDental Assistant
The Chacer App allows me to alert the team when the patients arrive without any stop time. I can alert on the tablet and continue with my phone call or conversation with another patient without pause.
Dianne SinkuleFront Desk Receptionist
I’ve worked in offices that pass notes, or use a wired Communicator.  The Chacer App is so much easier to operate, and it doesn’t interrupt the patient or doctor.
Jennifer DeStefanoDental Hygienist
I like that my team isn’t wondering around the practice looking for me, they can remain in the operatory with the patient providing comfort or education, catching up sterilization or even setting up for the next procedure. It allows for effective time management for the team and for me.
Greg Chace, DMD, FAGDDentist

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